Biography – R Mc Donald

My passionate spirit, reflected in my victrix ludorum achievements at school, flourished in the freight industry, resulting in many years in international freight forwarding and later as sales manager for a national freight company.

In 1996, I was pushed out of my comfort zone by my then sales director who offered me a brokerage contract. Fortuitously, this happened to coincide with a small inheritance. At the same time, a loyal client also persuaded me to start my own business and not to spend my recent acquisition on a desirable motorcar. Thus the journey and story of Freight Solutions began.

Through my firm belief in God’s gracious hand I learnt my trade via the knowledge and experience of many masters of the game as they guided and steered me. Step by step I ventured into the world of trucks, containers, pallets and cartons. Howsoever they appeared, there was always a carrier at hand for the job. Never did I think that this was perhaps a man’s job, as nothing seemed too big or too small to handle. There was always a solution to every freight situation.

In 1998, my husband Alistair came on board. He brought to the company his operational background, valuable international freight experience and the expertise he had gained from working for express companies in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Alistair also has a Diploma in Road Transport (RAU, now University of Johannesburg) and a Diploma in Theology from George Whitefield College. He has a methodical, hands-on approach which has enabled us to take the business to new levels by reigning in all the complex and demanding logistics of company administration.

Richard Branson’s assertion that “customer service reigns supreme” has become a theme for us throughout the years.

Thank you to all our valued clients for their continued service, and to my God and family for their love and support.

Renè Mc Donald

If you don’t genuinely care about people who report to you, you’ll never be the kind of leader they will want to follow.

The Evolution Of Our Business Card

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