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Introducing IMAZIGARD

Imazigard Canisters (with Vantocil) is a mix of two of the best biocides available on the market today.

The first component is Imazalil, this is purely active against yeast, moulds and fungus and has no effect at all against bacteria and viruses.

The second component is Vantocil, the trade name for the molecule Poly Hexa Meta Biguanide. This is a true broad spectrum biocide and it is this that has the certification as effective against Corona Virus’s. The two combined make an extremely potent mix.

This product comes with EU as well as SABS approval.

As the attached flyer suggests, we distribute these foggers and / or sprays to all industries as well as sending them throughout South Africa. You can use them to fog or spray your hotels, rooms, work spaces, churches, vehicles, warehouses, conference centers, kitchens and anywhere you have high ‘touch points’.

Price:  On request  

Should you wish to ‘test’ a cannister, please feel free to contact us.